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 AMITYVILLE - LA SERIE [2002-????]

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MessageSujet: AMITYVILLE - LA SERIE [2002-????]   Sam 11 Oct - 9:37

MGM aurait un projet de faire une série à Amityville .
Le scénariste serait Daniel Farrands, scénariste de Halloween Resurrection entre autre .

Citation :

_"In order to keep my job I can't say how I know this, but I can confirm that preliminary negotiations have begun with a major studio (I can't say which) for the development of a new 'Amityville Horror' project," writes one of our scoopers (who wished to remain anonymous). "There's talk of a possible 'event' sequel, in the same way Halloween H20 was meant to revitalize that franchise. I'm a big fan of the original book and it sounds like the new feature is meant to be an actual sequel to the first film. If you've seen any of the Amityville (in name only) sequels, you'd know that this has not been done before. The same studio is in discussions with the rights holders to develop a possible Amityville television series as well. I know there'd be some people as excited about this as I was and I hadn't read anything about it on the net, so I thought it was time somebody spilled."

_"Coming Attractions and Test Pattern have learned that screenwriter Daniel Farrands (who penned the screenplay for Halloween 6 and Chaos Comics' Halloween comic book mini-series) is behind both the film and TV Amityville projects. We know that Dimension Films, the genre division of Miramax Films, has heard Farrands' pitch for the new Amityville movie and is currently considering the proposal. And according to another source, Farrands indeeds wants to return to the spirit of the first film and focus on the supernatural presense dwelling inside the Amityville house. As chronicled in the first picture and the book of the same title, The Amityville Horror told the story of the Lutz family and their encounters with unsettling supernatural manifestations before they finally fled the house."

_"Again, as far as we've heard the current status of the Amityville movie is that Farrands pitch is being considered
by Dimension Films. Dimension could turn it down and Farrands may in fact take it to another studio, who then could buy it. New Line could be a possible contender considering that they are looking at doing a TV series with Farrands based on the property."

_"After reading our Amityville Horror story, Coming Attractions was contacted by Daniel Alter, the manager of screenwriter/director Daniel Farrands. Alter wished to comment on the reports we published earlier this week about an Amityville Horror feature film and television series in development. Alter wouldn't comment on the matter of which studios are looking at the property, but he did admit that he is talking to "several interested parties" about both a TV series and feature film project."

Personnellement, pourquoi pas faire une série sur la célèbre maison hantée de Long Island ! ;)

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